Friday, December 07, 2007

barcamp agile Wellington and the power of the individual underway and the it's proving more thought provoking than I'd assumed. The development process isn't something I'm directly focused on in my everyday work but it's certainly an important area for me. The biggest theme striking me today is the focus on the individual which I find fascinating.

There was a trend for awhile that worked hard to deliver results through process. Methodology x, prescriptive guidance y. The dehumanisation of the worker.

It just doesn't work that way - we're human after all. It really is all about individuals. Teams yeah, sure - but every member of that team is an individual with ideas and beliefs. You either recognise it and work with that or you ignore at your peril.

I love the blogging world today and I love the way guru characters have appeared that lead through the posting of their ideas. They're enormously important at driving company directions and in defining respect and appreciation from those that watch and listen. Companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Sun all have these people, but there are plenty of companies that don't yet. Big companies, large consulting companies and product companies. I have no faith in their ideas, direction, or products not until I see a passionate, articulate voice from someone I trust.