Sunday, August 15, 2010

FST Auckland Conference Presentation

You can find the presentation I did for the Financial Services Technology conference in Auckland last week here.

Brief synopsis: systems/operational management provides a useful analogue to the problems faced by implementers of business intelligence environments: huge volumes of data streaming in for which you need to provide health indicators and predictions of the future.

In the case of Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager tool this is done in a manner that is very different from conventional BI efforts that rely on staging large quantities of data, building relational and dimensional models and producing KPIs. The solutions developed for operations management can be usefully applied to BI efforts, particularly when not dealing with financial data.

Monday, August 09, 2010

CIO Conference–Enterprise 2.0 Presentation

I’ve put the presentation here:

Questions from the audience about my criticism of data focussed BI got me thinking about what might be a better model. I’ve changed the slide deck to cover more of a BI story for presentation at the FST conference in Auckland this Wednesday.


Don’t know why this had escaped me for so long!


let PascalsTriangle =
let nextLine aLine =
let partialLine =
|> Seq.pairwise
|> (fun (x,y) -> x+y)
|> Seq.toList
List.append (1::partialLine) [1]
[1] |> Seq.unfold (fun s -> Some(s, nextLine s))

Compare to: Pascal’s Triangle in F#