Thursday, August 16, 2007

Computerworld Article Response

Well I was quoted in Computerworld yesterday( as a result of statements made during my voice of the customer track presentation on Kiwibank at TechEd 07 in Auckland. During the presentation I made a point that platform infrastructure is an important enabling factor in exploiting future opportunities; and that at Kiwibank we were embarking on a desktop upgrade, initially to XP and at a later date to Vista.

During question time at the end of the presentation I was asked to explain in more detail why we were not going directly from Windows 2000 to Vista. The answer is simply that we need to complete our natural desktop replacement to ensure people get a reasonable performance. This is underway and from my perspective, being mostly interested in application deployment, it is not a great inhibitor to future progress. Windows XP does provide organisations with the ability to deploy the .net 3 components for presentation, workflow management, and communication and while I'm sure that from an infrastructure perspective there are many good reasons to deploy Vista for improved management, I'm satisfied with the operating system for application hosting.

The remainder of the article referred to some of the more interesting ways in which we're trying to take advantage of a range of new technologies within the bank; if I had had time in the presentation I could've shown many more.

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