Thursday, November 30, 2006

SAF06 - ESB Microsoft Implementation

This presentation at SAF described an ESB implementation based upon Biztalk, Sharepoint and the .net environment.

I've picked up a few things from this.

  1. The use of XMS rather than JMS over MQ
  2. The use of Amberpoint and MOM for service management
  3. Very high performance message transformation by not using message boxing.
  4. Implementation of a customer ESB management portal in Sharepoint with an exception handler created to provide an easy to see view of current activity and errors.
  5. Use of BAM to track information as it's being written into Sharepoint with the graphs output into Sharepoint.
  6. Use of SOAP headers to contain message context that is later written into the MQ message headers.
  7. Monitoring at different levels
    1. Infrastructure
    2. Operation
    3. Biztalk Server
  8. Good description of how they marketed the solution through Kaiser-Permanente
    1. Developers Guide
    2. VM with ESB core engine installed
    3. Sample applications create
    4. Sample unit tests (nUnit and BizUnit)
    5. Sample automated build process

Apparently there will be a Microsoft ESB guidance package. A prelim version will be available - perhaps via Brian Loesgen's blog at

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