Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wellington Microsoft Tech Briefing

It was another great event yesterday and it's just fantastic to be seeing so many people. Wellington is my home town so there were plenty (plenty) of faces I recognised in the audience. A big thank you for opportunity goes out to Mark Carroll, Rebecca, Sean, Dean, Carol and all the others. Being the second time through the short speech I make in the keynote gave me a chance to think twice about the message I was trying to present.

And it's confirmed in my mind that the main message I want to get across to people is actively think about opportunities in their organisations, experiment with technologies and tools, and work on marketing any ideas they may come up with. It's how to make things happen and you know, life is too short to being dumb stuff when you could be doing cool stuff.

As a great way to finish off the day I got to attend the Microsoft Architects Council meeting at the hotel. I like to attend these events as it's a good chance to catch up with people I don't see every day. We have an active group of people up and down the country that attend these events and the chance to explore ideas is never something to pass up.

Next week is the final Tech Briefing in Christchurch. I can't wait for this as I know by then I'll be wanting to tune the message once more!

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