Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kayak Strongback Option 2

Just seen in a recent mailer from Bunnings - 4m aluminium planks for around the $NZ150 mark. Surely this would provide a good rigid base for building a kayak.


Anonymous said...

Did you give up on the curved strongback, or just keeping an eye out? I'm screwing the crossmembers into mine at the moment. Grand total cost of $28, and it's nice and stiff. Boxing grade 4x1 cleaned up through my thicknesser.

Bohdan Szymanik said...

No, no - I was a bit silly and spent up large on plywood a couple of months ago. I have my curvy wood strongback but it cost closer to $100. Really daft as I spotted the boxing timber a week later (after buying the ply). Unfortunately weather on weekends here has been awful for the last month so got it built but not made any further progress.