Friday, July 04, 2008

Great Day

What a great day! A month ago almost exactly, I spoke at the FSI Media Technology and Innovation Conference and mentioned the importance of internal selling in a corporate. As an example of the opportunities we often miss I mentioned that I have a development team sitting in an open plan pod next to the CEOs pod (a remarkable fact in itself for a corporate of our size!). David, the team lead, had recently shown me his real time graphs of call centre activity displayed using Microsoft’s new WPF technology. They looked fantastic and the obvious thought was to maximise the impact by making available a big screen that ensured CEO, GMs all and sundry could see the impressive output from these monitoring programs. All I had to do was make a big screen available.

Well, it took a month but finally we got a 40” screen up there and yes, they had the desired impact. Before leaving work today we had a cluster of people ranging from analysts through our EXT team admiring the graphs and watching them turn from green to red and back as the metrics progressively changed in real time.

Success and many thanks to David!

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