Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Web

These notes come from Michael Platt's Web 2.0 presentation at TechEd07 Auckland.

Why TCP?

Why not UDP and BitTorrent...
This follows on from the SAF06 event and Bill Gates talk. Current web protocols were designed with low bandwidth environments in mind; now there is a high bandwidth environment and the time is right for a disruptive innovation. A new read/write peer to peer protocol could easily supplant HTTP with the PUT/POST/GET verbs.

If we do this then REST could provide a model for a new implementation.

Basic support available in WCF1.0 but it's native in Orcas.

Question could be what REST support exists in Silverlight?

Interesting point raised on process management and the Robotics SDK which contains graphical process designer. In a bidirectional web environment you need process support.

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