Monday, August 13, 2007

TechEd 2007 Auckland Presentation

Just finished! I can never tell in advance how the presentation will go until it's performed in front of the obvious. It's only then that you can gauge the feed back and know which areas of the presentation were actually important to the audience.

In this particular case I think the following areas stood out:
  • Innovation is not the result of projects
  • My rant on incubators never succeeding
  • The requirement to sell internally your ideas
  • The need to think ahead two, three or more years and use that to build your strategy for your technology development

Big thanks go out to Lou Carbone for his keynote, best keynote speech I've seen, and I took a hint and used my time before the presentation to add some pictures - they speak a thousand words.

Main message from Lou's speech was that emotional clues are everywhere; and you're daft if you don't take heed.

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