Friday, February 27, 2009

Functionally complete kayak

Second to last day of February and a quick note to remind me in the future: kayak is functionally complete. No photograph, camera batteries are flat, but the rubber seals are on hatch rims, the foot pegs are in, the back rest is in. That makes it about 15 weeks from when I started in mid november. Phew. One thing left to do - varnish, maybe wait a couple of weeks to be sure the epoxy has set. Weather this weekend looks shocking. Maybe Sunday to try on the sea? Write some more detail on the last steps of the build after that. For those interested, final weight about 19kgs. Hard to tell, scales difficult to read, maybe 18.5. That's with 6oz everywhere, 2 layers on the bottom and 2 layers most of the inside hull.

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