Monday, February 02, 2009

S&G Night Heron – Grab Loops

Rather than a big end pour I’ve gone with a couple of small plastic tubes (from old felt pens). I drilled the holes using the stitching holes in the hull as a guide for positioning them on each side of the hull.

To glue them into place I used the chopped up glass, epoxy mix. I wish I’d discovered this earlier. It looks very useful.

I should've discovered this stuff earlier. It would've made a much better way of fibreglassing round the pvc tube Maroske fitting. It's chopped up fibres with a cotton microfibre adhesive additive.


Notice the digital scales in the picture. I bought these from a supermarket for $16. They’ve been extremely useful in ensuring I get the epoxy mix right. I use small mixes of typically 36g, 48g, or 60g total weight (the mix ratio for Nuplex R180 is 1:5…).

 Gluing in the loop holders (old marker pens).

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