Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Pearl Forms

So terribly slow but here’s a snippet of the forms.



Lessons learned:

  • Level everything first – makes it much easier to align cross sections
  • Don’t start screwing cross sections to wooden cross bars until they all line up right. Use clamps first.
  • Drill a hole about 5mm on the center of the waterline and shine a bright light from one end – you should be able to see the light all the way down
  • I pre-cut the forms for the deck and re-attached them – supposedly to make it easier for later. Not sure it was worth it.

Here’s that light shining through a couple of the holes.



Ken Taylor said...

Laser levels are very cheap now Bohdan. : )

Bohdan Szymanik said...

Why yes indeed Ken :) Unfortunately, there seemed to be a pre-xmas rush on the things. Would you believe that Bunnings in Kilbernie and Tory St were both out of the things!