Monday, December 27, 2010

Hull Stripping and Attempted Staining

Stripping was relatively easy and very quick. The wood reminded me of making balsa wood models when I was a kid:)

Main points were:

  • Make sure strips are even thickness – if I do this again I’ll invest in a planner thicknesser.


  • I mostly just stapled strips only occasionally using a bead of glue – this had one advantage – towards the end as I looked at the forms and the shape of the hull I realised I had one form on  slightly wrong angle – not sure how this happened as I was sure I had it right at the beginning. Nevermind, I unscrewed it and re-adjusted just a tiny bit and suddenly it looked great.
  • I thought I’d stain the strips before using epoxy to glue them all thogether – unfortunately, Resene interior stain turns out to not be as epoxy compatible as the Resene staff thought it would be. It beaded a bit but wasn’t irrecoverable – I might even put more stain on after I rub it all back in preparation for fibreglassing – but if I do I’ll wash with acetone and use a much thinner application of stain. Check the image below…



Hull looks great but I can’t get a good photo showing it the way I see it in real life. Perhaps for the next posting…

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