Sunday, December 05, 2010

Strip cutting

I followed Bjorn’s instructions and cut the strips with a circular saw. The planks were pinned to a folding stand at each end. The paulownia was extremely stable. It didn’t split when I pinned it at the edge of the plank. Not one of the strips split or snapped. In the end it was much easier than I expected. Suspect it would’ve been even easier if I had a decent saw…



Rod said...

Hi Bohdan, It is good to see you are impressed with the working characteristics of paulownia. Sorry to see you struggling with a skilsaw to rip the strips - maybe my new year's resolution will be to set up to machine some strips for sale. Having pre machined strips available might make it easier for some blokes to take on such a project.

Bohdan Szymanik said...

It wasn't too bad Rod - the main thing is that the strips butt up against each other and the forms are accurate - I'll post a picture soon - you can tell that the shape is looking good :)