Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hull fibreglassing

It’s taken awhile to get here, but the hull is now fibreglassed.

  • After struggling with the Resene colorwood stain affecting epoxy seal coats I found that a wash with isopropyl alcohol made for a nice clean bonding surface.
  • I rediscovered how to apply epoxy, everyone seems to have their own method but for me it’s plastic cards (old atm cards/loyalty cards etc are ideal) and short foam (usually yellow) rollers.
  • A hot air gun does absolute wonders at getting rid of air bubbles/foam.
  • I used high density 170g/sq m fibreglass that’s often used for model making. That equates to 5 ounce high density fibreglass which should be pretty strong (easy way to do the conversion… just use google – type “175 grams per square meter in ounces per square yard” in the search box).
  • Wet sanding within 48 hours is more effectively at smoothing the epoxy finish than waiting for it to set really hard.

second hull fill coat

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