Monday, February 21, 2011

Multiple Monitoring Performance Data Collections

Ah yes – that code from the last couple of posts has a bug…

The retrieval of data from SCOM has proven very useful in the last few days but it seems most commonly I’m getting multiple monitoring performance data collections - so the code I wrote in the last couple of posts on how to retrieve that data using F# and Sho needs a little adjusting to concatenate the collections into one sequence – yield! works great in F# eg

let perfData (start:DateTime) (finish:DateTime) : seq<DateTime * float> = 
seq {
for mpdsItem in mpds do
yield! (mpdsItem.GetValues(start, finish)
|> (fun(mpdv) -> (mpdv.TimeAdded, mpdv.SampleValue))
|> Seq.filter ( fun(d,v) -> v.HasValue)
|> ( fun(d,v) -> (d,box v) )
|> ( fun(d,v) -> (d, unbox v) )

Not sure about python but it must be similar.

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