Saturday, December 02, 2006

SAF06 - Dynamics

Satya Nadella

The Last Mile of Productivity

  • Connecting people to process

Microsoft have 30 CRM instances deployed across different areas

Dynamics Investments

  • Role based experiences - Office
  • Collaboration - Sharepoint
  • Contextual intelligence - SQL Server
  • Services - Visual Studio
  • Live enabled - Windows Live

Dynamics architectural tenants

  • Composable role based experience
  • Model driven
  • SOA deployment


  • Dynamics CRM v3c
    • Lead management gadget for Vista sidebar - hooks into CRM web services
    • Relationship mapping with images on each member of the relationship
    • 3D home design and layout
  • Exception management demonstration
    • Exception notifications go into sidebar via a gadget
    • Click on the notification and a sharepoint site comes up with exception problem identified (in this case an order problem)
    • Drills down onto order details
    • Combines it with mapping from virtual earth
      • Order origination and delivery points identified
      • Where the order is now
      • Collaboration with the truck driver via a wireless device
      • Messenger used - hopefully not while driving
    • Sharepoint search used to identify missing customs document required for shipping
  • Business Intelligence
    • Sharepoint dashboard
    • Mapping
    • Tabular business score card from Performance Point Manager with traffic lights
    • Opening detail data with Excel Analysis Services
    • Another dashboard with more detail
      • More detailed mapping
      • Pie charts and graphs
      • Drill down with ProClarity
        • Performance map
        • Size of box shows size of sales
        • Colour shows margin a la heat map
        • Drill down into geographic areas
  • Dynamics Live CRM
    • Hosted on the Live site a la
    • Dashboard
      • Charts
      • Scorecards
      • Drilldown
    • Outlook style interface for activities, calendar, queued items
    • Customer data
    • Collaboration tools
    • Workspace creation for working with partners
      • Collaborator uploads documents rather than emailing
    • Marketing campaign creation and management
      • Internet ads
        • MSN ad centre
        • Choose regions and target pages
        • Performance tracking
      • Email

Model Driven Development

  • Research derived customer model
  • Workflow driven
  • Role specific tools

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