Thursday, December 07, 2006

SAF06 - Software and Services

Charles Fitzgerald, GM Platform Strategy

Change Drivers

  • Broadband
  • Services
  • Commoditisation
  • Complexity
  • Consumer focus


  • To find the value
  • It’s never going to be easy because of competition

Services Infrastructure

  • 20 million on a slow IM day
  • Infrastructure construction dramatic
  • $200 million on data centre capacity
  • Next to hydroelectric generation facilities
  • Millions of servers
  • Concrete, copper, steel, electricity

The Tyranny of Or, the Power of And

  • In the past we've had to make a lot of choices
    • This technology or that
    • This way of delivering or that
    • This company's services or that company's
  • Today we have the ability to combine services more easily
    • Mashups
    • Partnerships
    • Give the customer choice, offer both options

Broadband Inflexion Point

  • Web browser designed for limited bandwidth
  • Broadband beyond current web 1.0

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